Running a business is, well, really busy.


Carving out time to really plan for growth is so important.  Answering questions like, how will you acquire your next customer? What event should you plan?  What about your online presence?  How will your key customers find you?

From VP, Director and General Manager positions with luminaries in the entertainment world, such as MGM Online, Key3Media and The Little Gym to producing websites for health organizations, construction companies, architects and trade shows, I learned to track and analyze key business indicators and to utilize marketing to promote company growth.

My experience includes working in a variety of marketing roles from small independent businesses to large corporations.  My strength is in creatively figuring out the best solutions for you and your business.

I enjoy bringing this understanding and expertise to work in WordPress for clients who want the simplicity and ease of this dynamic, user-friendly format. Each project is unique and brings me a little closer to what I call my passion, combining ideas and creative marketing online, in print or multimedia.

Are you a web agency that needs help with your clients’ websites? We’ve all been there, you get more new client work than you can handle, or it is work from your regular clients which you cannot refuse. Understaffed and facing a deadline? If that sounds like you, I can help.

I have worked with agencies and have an understanding of what goes into your typical business process. My rates are reasonable and I have adopted a value-oriented pricing structure. The reason why I still like to freelance for some agencies, is because it allows me to work on challenging projects that I would not normally have access to.  When you are a solo shop like me, the variety of projects is really rewarding.  Let's work together.   Contact me


Marketing●  Strategy ● Brand Image and Development ● WordPress website development● Content Writing/Creation

 Event and Trade-Show Coordination ● Website Planning & Production Management● Franchises