How Covid-19 motivated me?

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    Top 4 reasons to get busy with your website marketing and number 4 will surprise you.

    How will marketing and website design help your business through this crazy period of uncertainty and change?

    My daughter’s principal posted "How bordem can lead you to your most brilliant ideas" in his weekly email to parents. It's a Ted Talk and if you haven't seen it, take 20 minutes out of your day and watch. It motivated me. Watching this Ted Talk resulted in writing this blog. I leaped out of bed this morning with my mind fresh with thoughts.

    1. Bored? Use it to get creative. Yes, this can help you come up with some interesting ideas for how to reach your customer. Creative marketing gets people’s attention. People want to laugh. People want to connect. I have to shout out to my client Kristin, owner of Rebel Health. She has done a fantastic job with connecting with her clients, posting workouts live on Facebook, emailing her clients to connect. What can you do right now to facilitate that connection with your current or future clients? Maybe it’s writing a blog (hey that is me!) or maybe it’s posting something funny? Or maybe its just getting creative for your next product release. IndustryUptime is doing just that by planning how they will market their newly designed oil sight glass.
    2. You never have time to work on your business because you spend so much time working in your business. It’s true, I don’t take the time to work on my own website (but I am now). I recently had a website designer tell me she to a month off to redesign her website. Wow, that surprised me. I don’t have time! I’d rather work on my other clients. Yes,while that is important to keep your income flowing however, now you may have that “extra” time. You’re not running kids to their events, you are not driving to the office or anywhere frankly. Take that extra time and think about how that relates to your situation, your business. For example, Dr. Margaret Austin is offering 30 minute consultations for free. She is a local psychologist who found a way to help. This isn’t just a get more clients scheme, this is her compassionate way to help. How will you grow if you don’t set your own goals, to reach your next customer?

    3. Do something good, for someone else. Get your mind busy for what you feel passionate and reach out to help. Can your business help a specific group? Can you help an individual? I decided that I was going to help in a few different ways. I volunteer with the Placer Hills Education Foundation. I’ve talked with the superintendent about how to communicate distance learning assignments to parents and kids. I’m supporting our graduating 8th graders by creating a page for donations for their graduation celebration so the graduation committee could raise money for a swag bag for each child. Where can you do some good? And the best benefit of doing something good for someone else? It makes you feel good too!

    4. Are you not feeling creative? Let me help. For a limited time, I’m offering a free brainstorming session to help you. Simply find a time on my calendar below. I look forward speaking with you.

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