(SCIHP) Sonoma County Indian Health Project's mission is to continually improve and maintain a comprehensive healthcare system to serve the needs and traditional values of our American Indian Community.

Located in Sonoma County, California, Chris Thompson is the lead IT manager in charge of their website. He was so busy with day to day responsibilities, he hired Unet Design to manage the website. As a contractor for Unet Design, I was fortunate enough to land the job. After several months of maintenance, I began to notice the site not functioning properly. After some discovery, I found that the WordPress template was nearly 3 years old and had been abandoned by the developer. There was no way to update it and the theme was not displaying correctly anymore. Chris quickly got approval for a complete redesign. The challenge was to find a template that would be more reliably kept up to date with WordPress standards and still function and look the same as the old site.

This site is over 43 pages as well as a slide show and downloadable documents that all had to be placed in the exact order that they were in the old site. After weeks of carefully moving each document and the information from the old site to new and re configuring images and text to fit the new theme, I was finished and SCHIP was very pleased.

I still maintain the site with updates to their monthly newsletter and their job postings.